Taylor DeBarros (11 Year's Old)

2015 USATF Track Season-  In her first track season, Taylor made it to the USATF National Championships in Jacksonvlle, FL.  She ended 19th in the Nation in the 9-10 year old division with a time of 2:43.34s.  Taylor was with another team at the time, but got all her speed training and learned race tactics from Coach's Gary and Steve, as her team did not work on either.

2016 Track Season-  In 2016, Taylor had another good year in the 11-12 division as a 10 year old, finishing 6th place at Regionals in the 800m with a time of 2:30.65s (Personal Record).  After this race, her former coach (from her old team) told her she didn't try hard enough!  Needless to say, she was a part of Quick Track Club the next day, where she was reunited with her former teammates Ethan Stinnett, Chrystal Aluya, and former Coach Steve Stinnett (Finally!!).  

2016 USATF Cross Country Season-  With her former team, she did not like to run Cross Country, but with our encouragement, Taylor qualified for Regionals by placing 21st out of 102 runners at the USATF Southern California Championships.  She was on Vacation during regionals, so she didn't qualify for Nationals.  

2017 USATF Track Season-  Taylor is off to an amazing start, currently ranked #2 in the nation at 1500m, and has set team records in the 11-12 division in 4 events.  200m/ 28.56s, 400m/ 1:05.0s, 800m/ 2:38.44, and 1500m/ 5:18​.  We expect that 800m time to drop to the 2:20's by seasons end.

Caleb Carner (13 Year Old Sprinter)

2016 USATF Track Season-  Caleb came to us a few months before the 2016 season.  In his first practice, he couldn't run 1 lap without stopping to walk.  He had zero stamina, but showed some speed.  We expected a tough season for Caleb, because he was a 12 year old, running the 13-14 division.   But.. He proved to all of us that hard work really pays off.  Caleb ended the season with personal records of;  12.84s in the 100, 26.98s in the 200, and 1:01.23 in the 400.  We set a goal for Caleb to break the 1 minute mark in the 400m.  The kids were promised a Pizza party when he did. On Tursday, October 27th, 2016, Caleb did it!  59.98s!  

2016 USATF CC Season-  Yes!   Caleb ran Cross Country!!!  We are so proud that Caleb came out to build his endurance during CC season, and is proving that sprinters can cross over to run distance events, and it improves their sprint speed.  Stamina mixed with Speed training is the key to our success at Quick TC.  Caleb improved his 4k time from a 22:06 to a 15:10 by the end of the season!  Wow!

2017 USATF Track Season-  ​Caleb has started the season out as one of the top 3 ranked 100, 200, and 400 meter runners in Southern California USATF.  His times so far are 12:57s in the 100m, 24.92s in the 200m, and 57.74s in the 400m.   

Siena Palicke(13 Years Old- Middle/ Long Distance),

2016 Track Season- Started the Season as the #5 ranked 13-14 year old 3000m runner in Southern California, and 2 weeks later jumped to #4 in the Region (Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, and California).  Siena Competed at the USATF National Championships on July  29th, placing 27th. 

2016 Cross Country Season-  Siena Qualified for the USATF Cross Country National Championships, by placing 9th in the Region with a 4k time of 15:21.88.

2017 Track Season-  Siena is coming out fast this season, already posting a 4:53.01 1500m, and a 10:55.47 3000m.  We are excited to see her in the 800m, which we believe will be her strongest event.  Her current 1600m time is 5:19.

Manny DeBarros (13-14 div. Sprinter)

Manny is one of our most improved runners over the past year.  He came to us from a distance running club, but wanted to be a sprinter.  

2016 USATF Cross Country Season-  Manny came to us running his 4k in just under 14 minutes, and by season's end, he had a new PR of 11:50.1.

2016 USATF Track Season-  Manny has proven to be one of our hardest workers, and that hard work is paying off big time!  Manny has dropped his 100m time from 14.29 to 13.05.  His goal is to run a 12.7s or faster this season.   Manny's 400 meter time went from a 1:13 to a 1:05.  Manny has not had the opportunity to run many 200's this season, but we expect him to hit the 27's!

Aryianna Faircloth (15 Years Old- Sprinter)

Magnolia HS 2016-   As a Freshman , Aryianna won the league Championship in the 100m & 200m.

Quick TC 2016-  As a Freshman Girl running for Quick TC, Aryianna dropped her 100m time from 13.29s to 12.76s, and posted a 26.09s 200 in the Junior Olympic Championships.   

Magnolia HS 2017-  She Does it again!!  Aryianna finishes another season undefeated!   She now holds Orange League Back-to-Back titles in the 100m and 200m.

Quick TC 2016-  With only 2 Junior Olympic Qualifying meets to go, Aryianna is Currently the #1 15-16 Year old female 100M runner in the Nation!!   


Ethan Stinnett (15 Years old- Middle/ Long Distance)

​2014 Track Season-  8th Place in the 3000M for Region 15 (Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, and California)

2014 CC Season-  Ethan Placed 5th at the USATF Regional Meet, and competed at the USATF Cross Country National Championships in Myrtle Beach, SC.

​2016 USATF Cross Country Season-  Ethan qualified for a return trip to Nationals in 2016 with an outstanding performance in the 2016 Regional meet!

2016 Valencia HS CC Season- Ethan had a great 1st season in HS, placing 5th in the League.  Ethan also had an amazing performance at  the 69th Annual Mt. Sac Invitational, placing 10th out of 159 athletes from all over the State.

​2017 VHS Track Season-  Ethan is rolling into the OC Championships and League Championships ranked the #1 Frosh-Soph in the 1600 and 3200.   

​​Chrystal Aluya (15 Years Old- Sprinter)

Chrystal was the first official member Quick Track Club. Quick Track Club was started, because Chrystal was on a Distance Team that did not offer Sprint training.

2014 USATF Track Season-  During the 2014 Season, Chrystal left her distance team to train under Coach Gary Charles.  She showed immediate imrovements, and qualified for the USATF National Championships in Humbolt, Texas.  As a 12 year old, she ran a 13.48s 100m, and 27.21s 200m.  

2015- USATF Track Season-  In 2015, Chrystal showed her most improvement, running a 12.6s 100m.

2016 USATF Track Season-   Chrystal came into the 2016 season as one of the top ranked athletes in Southern California USATF.  She had another outstanding season running 12.62s in the 100m, and 26.53s in the 200m.    

2017 Valencia HS Track Season-  Chrystal is your 2017 Empire League CO-MVP and League Champion in the 100, 200, and 4x100 relay.  

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